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Blitz Ladd: Great sports bar in inner SE Portland

Previously I have written about trying to find good sports bars in Portland that allow people under 21. First post, Second post. For crying out loud, people under 21 like to watch sports too!

We have found another one in inner SE Portland to add to the list.

Blitz Ladd.

They have 14 High Def flatscreen TV's, and one large wall sized projected screen. Anywhere you sit in the entire place has a good view of a TV.

They allow minors in the couch area by the projected screen, and they allow minors in the long line of booths along the upper part of the restaurant, and also at the picnic style tables in the front. Minors are allowed at the foosball table, and at the pinball and video games.

Minors are not allowed at the bar, or in the pool table and shuffleboard area, and of course no minors in the lottery machine area.

The menu is good, and the 4 or 5 times we have been there our meals have been really good. The prices are about standard "brew pub" prices, but they do have a decent kids menu and some really good deals for happy hour. The serve brunch in the mornings on the weekend, with a fairly limited breakfast menu. Their corned-beef hash is one of the best I have ever had!

Their service, and their management has been top notch. People have been genuinely happy to see us, every time. They have been super accomodating, and very willing to let us pick tables with the best views of our games. They are amazingly friendly, and they have been eager to take comments and suggestions. All in all, exactly what service SHOULD be when you are paying to eat at a restaurant. I hope this continues to be true as the place ages.

You see, in sports bars - trying to get the right games on is often like pulling teeth. At Sky Box in Sellwood, the people are only moderately friendly and don't dare ask to have a channel changed - no matter who is in the restaurant. We were at skybox once where there was not a single customer watching the game on the "main screen" and at least 15 people watching a game which they only had on one TV in the corner. We all pleaded to have them switched (the customers were unanimous - it is not that big of a place). The guy who runs the TVs threw a fit. Don't even try to ask if it is busier... At Buffalo Wild Wings downtown, they seem to be at least willing to change channels if customers ask. But the staff appears to have the IQ of their ranch dip, and more often than not majorly screw up trying to get the right stuff on the TV. Some times we have been there and they were running movies and cooking shows during football games. Also, Wild Wings tends towards the Seahawks which piss us off, because the Seahawk games are usually on local TV. The whole reason we go to sports bars is to see the games that are NOT on local TV - as none of our teams are in our region.

Anyway, at Blitz Ladd we have had super service, good food at normal prices, decent atmosphere, minor friendly seating, and lots and lots of good TVs. Blitz is highly recommended.


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