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Suppressing one little number... (updated!)

Well, there is an awful lot of hubub on the net today about a certain number that the MPAA does not want people to see. Supposedly this number can be used to decode HD-DVD disks or some such use.

Of course I would never condone such things.

But I do not condone censorship either, and this kind of behavior shows what the DMCA is really capable of. So, people all over are finding creative ways to share the number.

I can't vouch for any of these links. They might be valid for a while, they might not. And if you are worried about "work safe" content - I can't guarantee that either. This post itself has profanity...

Here is my favorite so far, by Ludwik Trammer:
there were 09 planets
in the solar system
Fucking 9 planets
not 11
and not 02
but exactly 9 Damn planets
right in the middle
and everyone seemed happy

until 74 professors
meet on the conference
and started to wonder:
"we should have Exactly 3 planets
in our system" – proposed one
other opposed: