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Every bit of plastic ever made still exists.

If you have ever crate trained a pet dog, you will have found that dogs will do everything within their power to not shit where they sleep.

A dog will hold it until their face turns blue. Unless of course they are already blue, then they will just get a darker shade.

And if you (and the dog) have had the misfortune of getting stuck a little to long, and the dog HAS had to go in their crate, the minute the poor canine makes eye contact with you - you know it. The dog will feel as though they have betrayed the universe by pooping in the crate.

Well, humans are assholes. We could learn a thing or two from our dogs.

We only have one earth. Only one. No "fall back" or "plan B" exists despite what you may see in the Star Trek movies or read in the Cristopher Stasheff or Orson Scott Card novels.

I imagine that some day some poor wasted species - a distant relative to the Human - who has had to survive underground or in bubbles without being able to breathe air freely or some such crazy "12 Monkeys" like scenerio - might be looking for clues as to what turned the world into an inhabitable toxic wasteland. They come across a time capsule buried toward the end of the human species span on Earth - and open it. It contains one solitary word inscribed in a piece of plastic: "Sorry."

You see, we are filling the planet with a substance that is less than 150 years old. And it is changing, killing, and destroying everything we can see and things we cannot.

Our oceans are turning in to plastic ... are we?

Recently I was at Fred Meyer (a store chain we have here in the northwest) and I bought one small bottle of ibuprofen. (Yes, it was a plastic bottle). The lady put the one small bottle into a plastic bag when she rung it up. I said "Oh, thanks, but I don't need a bag. Save it for the next person." and she said "Oh, OK". Then she proceeded to take the small bottle out, set it on the counter, and THREW AWAY THE BAG.

I envision a future - if we don't kill ourselves off first - where there is a significant industry built around mining for plastic. Perhaps the "plastic rush" will make all of those old landfill properties really valuable...

Even if you don't subscribe to the doom and gloom, at least answer to me why we have to make disposable products out of material that lasts thousands of years? And what did human kind do before we had plastics?

Couldn't my 30 count ibuprofen come in a small paper envelope?

Do we need a completely new straw EVERY time the waitress refills the soda?

Why does every restaurant now give kids a completely NEW set of crayons for them to doodle with for the 7 minutes between ordering and getting the food? And why do those crayons need to be hermetically sealed in a plastic wrap?

Sometimes I really believe that humans are lazy, inconsiderate, shortsighted, stupid assholes.

And I include myself in that list as well.

But I am trying to change, and teach my child as well.... Perhaps the 1.8 people who read this might be working towards that goal as well.

Or - maybe not.


Kat said…
Here's a thought...take your own reusable crayons to the restaurant for your kid to use, then take theirs and donate them to an orphanage or battered women's shelter where they'll likely get used multiple times by multiple children, or just turn theirs down so that someone else can use them once and throw them away. Oh, and am I the 1 or the 0.8? :)
Kenny said…
.8, checkin' in! ;o)
Manu Sharma said…
Very well said, ValkRaider.

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