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There is no help for human kind.

No matter how many glimmers of hope you might find, no matter how many bright minds are found, no matter how many nobel prizes we give out, no matter what we do - Humans are doomed.

I have always held just a little bit of pessimism about Humankind's ability to survive long-term. Especially this last 200 years we have seemed to paint ourselves into a corner again and again.

It is especially hard for me to think this way because I have a child which I dearly love, and it pains me so that the world that I leave behind will be one which will not be worth passing on.

Oh sure, you may say that I am just down. You may say that I am just feeling the Holiday blues, or that I am ignoring all the good things...
the doors shattered, and the shrieking mob surged through in a blind rush for holiday bargains.
Sure, we have done some amazing things. Sure there have been wonderful people who are amazing, and sometimes we might see glimmers of hope here and there. Glimmers of hope? Or just pop…

insEyed out

These are photos of the inside of my eyes, the back wall of my eyes. This one is a little dark because my pupil was closed a bit. But it still came out OK.

This one came out better, my pupil for this eye had opened a bit more.

I think these are really cool. Thanks to the fine folks at Moreland Vision Center in SE Portland.