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Great Memphis hardware store for nuts and bolts

Memphis area folks, if you are in need of some hardware help - you should check out the super friendly folks at Gate City hardware.

I needed some chrome whatnots and doo-dads for my motorcycle, and these sorts of things are tough to come by in a retail fashion.  Sure you can order anything online - but that won't help you if you need to experiment.

Perils of relocating to Tennessee: DMV (etc...)

For those of you thinking on relocating to Tennessee be forewarned that Tennessee does not have a "Department of Motor Vehicles" per say.

They have a Drivers Services division of the Tennessee Department of Safety.  This is where you get your Tennessee drivers license.

Each county (Tennessee has 95 of them) has a County Clerk.  That is where you register your vehicles.

The state also has a Department of Revenue division which is where you have to go to get a temporary tag for a vehicle if for any reason there is a problem with any paperwork when you try to title or register a vehicle.

Some cities and jurisdictions in the state have vehicle inspections, which can be either emissions testing or safety inspections, or both.  This testing varies by jurisdiction, which could be a city or a county.  Testing requirements also vary by jurisdiction (some times by neighborhood within the jurisdiction) regarding which vehicles need which inspections.


Messing up that which is already crap - Southern Accents

Today, Jen Simmons, a member of the blogroll over at The Memphis Blog has a post up complaining about actors southern accents in movies and TV.  Well, actually the post is sort of complaining while referencing another article which is complaining because as bloggers we only write three words of actual content for every 1000 words we link to...  That is just how the blogosphere spins baby...

So what the hell am I blathering about? I am going to comment on one specific sentence:

"I'm almost always offended by terrible fake Southern accents in movies and TV."
You know what? I am almost always offended by terrible real Southern accents in real life.

Memphis corrugated recycling failure

All right, maybe not a "failure"  - more like a deficiency.  However sensationalist headlines draw in more readers, and since you may be my only one - I need all the help I can get.

Memphis seems to have OK recycling programs for a city in this region, although still not that great in general.  One thing that I found frustrating is the requirement to cut down corrugated.