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Recovery dollars per capita - by state

I decided to break down the ARRA dollars by state on a per-capita basis.


iPhone iOS4 passcode lock workaround if you can't run iPhone config utility

In iOS 4 and 4.0.1, if you perform a "reset all settings" on your phone it can sometimes cause you to lose all your options in the "passcode lock" section of the phone settings, only leaving you with the "immediately" option.

This can be annoying as you will then have to enter your passcode immediately when your phone locks for any reason. I usually like mine set to a 15 minute delay so that I can use my phone frequently without typing in the passcode, but it still locks after a while.

This is a known bug, and should be fixed soon in an upcoming iOS version. Until then there are two workarounds.

Hey, you there in the Suburbs...

I recognize that you only drive into "the city" to work or go to a special event.  No big deal. But "the city" is also a neighborhood.  I live in "the city", so do my family and pets. So when you come in to "the city" and drive like a jackass on your way to work - you put me and my family in danger. I'll tell you what.  When you drive in to work in "the city" slow down a little, watch for crosswalks and children and pets.  And I won't drive out to the burbs and haul ass around your neighborhood. I would be really angry if you killed my child while they were walking to the bus - just because you were frustrated that you and all your suburban friends clogged up the freeways with single occupancy vehicles - and you decided to take a short cut through "the city" at high rates of speed. Just because the buildings are taller than three stories doesn't mean people don't live here.   Respect my neighborhood and …

This Means War

Office Politics reach new lows.

IPhone 4 works just fine as a phone

I have no antenna problems with my iPhone 4.  It works just fine, even as a phone.  So does my wife's.  The media frenzy seems like they just had to find *something* because Apple is selling every iPhone 4 they can make.  My evidence is anecdotal at best, but the several people I know with iPhone 4 are very happy with them.

iPhone 4 GPS spot on

I was sitting about three feet to the NE of where the iPhone 4 GPS pegged me.