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Hey, you there in the Suburbs...

I recognize that you only drive into "the city" to work or go to a special event.  No big deal. But "the city" is also a neighborhood.  I live in "the city", so do my family and pets. So when you come in to "the city" and drive like a jackass on your way to work - you put me and my family in danger. I'll tell you what.  When you drive in to work in "the city" slow down a little, watch for crosswalks and children and pets.  And I won't drive out to the burbs and haul ass around your neighborhood. I would be really angry if you killed my child while they were walking to the bus - just because you were frustrated that you and all your suburban friends clogged up the freeways with single occupancy vehicles - and you decided to take a short cut through "the city" at high rates of speed. Just because the buildings are taller than three stories doesn't mean people don't live here.   Respect my neighborhood and …

This Means War

Office Politics reach new lows.

IPhone 4 works just fine as a phone

I have no antenna problems with my iPhone 4.  It works just fine, even as a phone.  So does my wife's.  The media frenzy seems like they just had to find *something* because Apple is selling every iPhone 4 they can make.  My evidence is anecdotal at best, but the several people I know with iPhone 4 are very happy with them.