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BikePortland censors the word "jerks".

In a comment I made to BikePortland they censored the word "Jerks".

They censored three words I used. The first was "Asshat", which while I clearly don't think that to be a terrible word, I will at least give them the leeway to censor that on their own site.

However I am not sure what the problem was with the word "Jerks".

Here is the original text of my comment:
Too bad River City Bicycles is staffed by clueless asshats.
I went in there twice in the last couple years to buy some moderately expensive bike things (a couple at about $300 each). The first time they were jerks, I chalked it up to maybe a bad apple or someone having a bad day. Last week we tried again and they were jersks again. So we left and spent our money elsewhere…
Too bad too, I am in the market for a new Cannondale and they won’t get my business. (Note, the second occurrence of "Jerks" contains a typo extra s, I understand that already - no need to comment and tell me.)

Oregon House passes 3 renewable energy bills.

House Bill 2210B was voted on and PASSED in the Oregon House just now.

This measure is designed to encourage the Oregon based growing and production of biofuels. These including tax credits for producers or growers, some easing of restrictions of where biofuels production facilities can be sited, and a standard for quality and volume of biofuels in Oregon use.

However one thing that catches my eye, is the consumer tax credits:

Sections 24-28 provide for:

25.2.a - "A resident individual shall be allowed a credit against the taxes otherwise due under ORS chapter 316 for costs paid or incurred to purchase fuel blends for use in an alternative fuel vehicle."

The sections go on to describe the details, and the amounts.

But basically - for E85 or greater use, or B99 or greater use can get as much as 50 cents per gallon up to $200 max per year tax credit for using biofuels!

That will be a nice benefit for those of us who have been usin…