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Stop renaming Portland streets.

Not only have they chosen one of the best Blogger themes, but the folks at cafe unknown have also put together a wonderful piece laying out much more eloquently than I would - why we should not be renaming Portland's streets, and how there are better more appropriate options.

Please Please stop renaming Portland's streets. Portland has history too. And changing the names of the streets to honor those who were not really even part of Portland's history does a disservice to all of those who have made Portland their home in the last 150 some odd years.

If you want to name new streets - fine. But keep the old ones. Please.

I predicted Oden's injury - poor Trailblazers!

Back in July (July 5th to be exact) I said that I thought it would be funny if Oden, the Trailblazers new draft pick, was hurt and could not play for this season.

Well, it has come true. He is most likely out for the entire season.

I think this is funny.

Not because I want him to be hurt, not because I enjoy anyone *actually* being hurt. Bit simply because when they drafted him everyone here in Portland went berzerk.

People would not shut up. Banners were hung all over town. People made signs. It was ridiculous. It was like he was the second coming.

What's more amazing is that my exact words were:
Oh, and I think it would be extremely funny if the Portland TrailBlazers pick - Oden - like blows his knee or something while doing something mundane, like getting out of the shower.
Well, here are Oden's exact words from his personal blog:
On my vacation earlier this summer i got up off the couch and remember my knee having a sharp pain in it.
Whoah - I sorta, well, nailed it!

Downtown class - but still Kid friendly.

I enjoyed dinner this evening at Mama Mia in downtown Portland.

Kudos to them. The food was very good, and not too pricey. Adult meals ran from $10 to $20.

But what impressed me the most was that it was a very classy atmosphere, and yet they still were very kid friendly. They welcomed my child with crayons and a picture to color. They have good selection on their kids menu. And the staff was very friendly to my child throughout the entire process.

While I was eating, there were 5 other families that I could see in the dining room. No kids were running around or being noisy or problematic.

I really appreciate when restaurants embrace kids. Not every kid friendly place has to turn into chuck-e-cheese. Some people just like to have good meals in nice places with their children. And usually these people will have taught or be in the process of teaching their children that in a nice restaurant (or any restaurant for that matter) you should behave yourself.

I both dislike parents w…