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Oregon. . .

More Mac GPS goodness: Lots of resources!

In my previous post about Topographical maps, and other Macintosh GPS utilities - I completely forgot to mention one that is a great tool.

Load My Tracks.

Using Load My Tracks I can pull my GPS tracks right off my device and save them for use by other applications: GPX files, even KML for use with Google Earth. Load My Tracks supports geocaching and a pretty good range of devices.

But while looking into Load My Tracks, I also found some more resources:

Here is a list of GPX resources. It is a pretty good list, and covers multiple platforms (Windows, Macintosh, Mobile, and cross-platform).

Some other applications that I have not tried, but I am including here in case they might be something you can use:

GPS Connect: A Freeware Garmin GPS Connection Tool for Mac OS X.

Mac SimpleGPS: a Macintosh application designed to manage waypoints, routes and tracks on your GPSR.

Between these links, and my previous post, you should have more than enough to get you started with however you would like…

Free Topographical Maps for all - and some Mac OSX GPS resources

Since the holidays might have brought someone some GPS type toys, I figured that I would recycle an older post of mine to share some information, and also add to it some new stuff I have found.

The Libre Maps project has purchased and made available for free all of the USGS Topographical maps of the USA. All 50 states.

The maps have always been free sort-of, there was just no where until now to actually GET them for free. The Libre Maps project raised enough funds to buy the many gigabytes of data and the Internet Archive is hosting them.

These are great 24k scale topographical maps folks. The same types you pay for in sporting goods stores. And many applications on your computers can work directly with them and your GPS. You can get water and tear resistant paper and print them out..

All good stuff...

For the lazy in the audience, here are Oregon's.

I use Apple Macintosh computers, and here are some tools I have found:

A commercial software package which is very powerful is

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