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Search continues for children lost in media frenzy.

How much will we pay?

That is a question anyone who has loved someone has tossed about in their mind in one way or another...

How much will we pay to save our loved ones?

And for almost every sane person, the answer is "whatever it costs". And I understand completely, as a Father and a Husband, and a Brother and an Uncle - I agonize daily over the potential for loss in my family. And I have felt loss in the past, which I would give just about anything to have not experienced.

As a loving human, I completely understand the issue.

But also, as a rational being, I have to question some things.

Because - how much are we as a society willing to pay for THREE mountain climbers? Mountain climbers, who for recreation purposes knowingly put themselves at risk. I would imagine the total financial cost will exceed $100,000. Granted, I am just a damn blogger, I have no real figures in front of me other than what is in that article. But it is not hard to see how our costs are sky…