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Don't surveil us surveilling you.

This is in the entryway to the locker rooms at the Mt. Scott pool in Portland.I found it a tad funny. Your mileage may vary.

Live from Crüe Fest: Portland! (with updates)

We just wrapped up the first band of 5 that are playing Crüe Fest 2008. Trapt just finished a short set. Trapt rocks, we have at least one of their disks... Sixx AM is getting ready to start.

Trapt was great, and they promised to return to Portland in a few months.

We have the "cheap seats", all the way in the back of the Rose Garden arena, about half way up. For Trapt, the area around us was largely empty. Except of course for the one guy directly in front of us with only one brain cell. I seriously want to tell him that the band can't see him and the band can't hear him and no one likes his bonehead attempt at stadium seat head banging and moshing. F'ing loser, blocking my view.So far the crowd seems really really diverse. I am excited to see Papa Roach and Buckcherry, and really excited to see the Crüe. It has been 10 years since we saw Motley Crüe at the Schnitzer. And I really like their new album.

Well, hopefully the asshole in front of me doesn…