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Some random image thoughts from around Portland

Here are some random image thoughts that I have from around the Portland area. Image thoughts. Those are images that struck me in one way or another, and here are my thoughts about them:

Seen this week at Fred Meyer on NE Broadway & 30th. Best sale EVAR!!!!

This is another one that I took a few years back (Feb 2003 to be exact). I figured I would include it here, for posterity sake. Good thing these price adjustments are "Automatic" because otherwise I would worry about the folks running the store. Or maybe we should anyway, because even if the computer spits out the signs auto-magically, some human has to take the sign and tape it to the products in question. These two photos were taken more than 5 years apart. Why was the "bug" in the software which allows "automatic price reductions" of zero to occur and print out not found and fixed within those 5 years?

You can barely make this one out. But it was a food-shoot. It is inside "Mothers" - and they were having a photo shoot for food. I watched them for a few minutes, and they were really primping whatever it was in that bowl. Maybe for a menu or an add. Who knows? Mothers makes some good food though. Maybe a touch pricey, but good. I will not, however, link to their site because it is annoyingly 100% flash.

Hey Look! It's the Apple Foods trucks blocking the sidewalk and the bike lane YET AGAIN. The owner keeps asking the police why they give him tickets, and I hope they keep telling him that it is because it is illegal to park trucks across the sidewalk or bike lane. Let alone both... This is a very familiar site for anyone who bikes the Springwater to Esplanade connection in SE, near OMSI. I think it is funny that they even re-striped the bike lane to try and give them more room, and they still block it...

Hey folks, look what one of the TriMet ticket purchasing machines was stuck on the other day... So much for Fred Hansen's initiative to improve the reliability and "uptime" of the ticket machines. Maybe they should switch to Macintosh?
Note: the link to the TriMet security page will most likely change in the future. So for this "joke" to be funny even after the page has changed, here is the text I am referring to:
"Improved ticket vending machines
Ticket vending machines are being upgraded and new, more reliable machines are replacing older machines at several eastside MAX stations. Tickets will be available at several concessionaires located at major MAX stations."


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We had been looking at RVs for a long time, focusing mostly on class B versions.  Class B RVs are on van chassis and stay within the van footprint, as a result the Class B RVs are very manageable compared to their larger siblings.  Most Class B can be driven in cities, parked in normal spots, and genarraly fit into tighter situations than you would ever consider for a much larger Class A or Class C (when most people think of RVs they are usually envisioning Class A or C).
We decided on a 2017 Winnebago Travato.  We chose the 59g floorplan and waited for the 2017 1/2 models to come out with their few nice mid-year improvements.

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iPhone iOS4 passcode lock workaround if you can't run iPhone config utility

In iOS 4 and 4.0.1, if you perform a "reset all settings" on your phone it can sometimes cause you to lose all your options in the "passcode lock" section of the phone settings, only leaving you with the "immediately" option.

This can be annoying as you will then have to enter your passcode immediately when your phone locks for any reason. I usually like mine set to a 15 minute delay so that I can use my phone frequently without typing in the passcode, but it still locks after a while.

This is a known bug, and should be fixed soon in an upcoming iOS version. Until then there are two workarounds.


In October I bought a 2017 Triumph Tiger Explorer XRx.

So far I am enjoying this bike.  I have no connection whatsoever with Triumph other than I own a few of their motorcycles.  (Although if anyone from Triumph or wants to sponsor me I certainly wouldn't Turn them away.).

Here are pictures of my TEx out and about.

Northwest of Portland in the hills.

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