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Chrysler Financial makes up American sounding names

I have been working with Chrysler Financial this week trying to resolve some issues with a vehicle financed through them. Every time I call I take notes of the call, including who I speak with.

Each call, I have spoken to someone who is Indian. Not Native American, but Indian from the subcontinent of India. Each person has had a very thick accent, with at least two of them being extremely hard to understand. I have not been able to ascertain if they are actually in North America or actually in India...

However, here are the names that they have given me:

Nick Wilson
Mark Cooper
Nicolas Adams
Samantha Williams

Either they are making up more American sounding names, or I just happened to call the only 5 Indian customer service representatives who happen to have completely American names.

Considering the fact that I have worked with hundreds of Indian people (I am in the IT industry) and not a single one has had an American sounding name - I would consider the odds to be significantly in favor of them making up names.

This is not unusual. Google "call center american names" and you will get enough articles about it to fill a small encyclopedia.

I don't know which pisses me off more. Having to deal with call centers in India or when they try to patronize me by lying.


Christian said…
What a coincidence that I found this post! I was on the phone w/ Chrysler Financial for over an hour last night w/ "Harriet Matthews". Her accent was very thick, but she claimed to be in Philadelphia (where we live). She was less than helpful (actually argumentative) and she refused to give me her employee ID number or transfer me to her supervisor. I tried to pay my bill online 3 separate days and each time the website was not functional. She claimed it was my problem that their website was down and that I should have mailed in a check (thus defeating the purpose of online banking). I have been fed up w/ CF for quite some time and no doubt we will NEVER purchase another Jeep from them. If anyone has any phone numbers to complain to (other than the obvious), please post as I would love to speak to some higher ups.
ladykay said…
I got a letter from Mark Cooper in Auburn Hills, MI saying he received my letter (I emailed Chrysler after talking to "Alex", "Michelle", "Mick",
"Ruby", "Angelina" and "Van" all of whom had very thick East Indian accents).

It's regarding a warranty issue on my 2006 Grand Caravan that had to have it's Fuel Pump replaced.

"Alex" said I needed the VIN number. So I got that from the service dept. and called back. That's when I spoke to "Michelle". She told me that, yes, Chrysler WOULD cover the expenses and gave me a fax number to send the bill to. I actually asked Michelle straight out if she was in India, and she said yes. We chatted about Baliwood films my family loves to watch and I thanked her for her assistance.

Sure enough, by the end of the week the charges were on my Debit card and I'm out the money I needed to pay my rent tomorrow.

I called back. "Mick" put me on hold and I got disconnected. I called again and was passed on to "Ruby", the supervisor. She said her review of the notes on my calls did not indicate that I had been told that Chrysler would cover the charges. I asked her how, then, did I have the fax number to have the bill sent to?

That's when I got on the Chrysler website and wrote an email, still hoping to get someone stateside. I got a return email again denying my claim. Then yesterday I got a letter in the mail at my home signed by Mark Cooper. The letterhead had an address on it in Auburn Hills, Michigan! But the 800 number was the same, and this time I got the Indian accented customer service agent named "Angelina". I asked for Mark Cooper. She gave me to "Van", her floor supervisor. I had to tell him all about the letter, also. He asked me to fax a copy of the letter to guess what number? Yep, the 248 area code that I had been instructed by "Michelle" to send the bill to.

Directory assistance gives you to a Chrysler Museum in Michigan. That lady can't give out numbers to the corporate offices, but she's very nice. And, she has a good old midwest accent.
Anonymous said…
I am having the exact same problem as ladykay! I'm out here in Austin, TX. I bought a warranty and Chrsyler claims it doesn't exist. "Shelby" (thick Indian accent) then told me to send proof of payment, address payment was sent to, etc. When I gave her an address for Chrysler Warranty in Kentucky, she said, "That sounds like Chrysler corporate itself." When she called me back, the story changed. Now she was "researching" what that address was!

Then I got another call from "Sarah" (with a thick Indian accent,too), who told me that my warranty did not exist and that there was nothing she coud do about it. I complained further and she put me on hold, supposedly to talk to a "supervisor." I think she just put me on hold. Then, she got back on the line and said that I needed to go to a Chrysler dealership, pay for the repairs and then send my bill in, but that they won't reimburse me for the full amount. She couldn't even tell me how much, if any, amount I would get reimbursed! I am going to write to the Better Business Bureau and also to the Attorney General about the bogus warranty I paid for (could be a third party pretending to be Chrylser). But overall, Chrysler has done nothing but give me the runaround. This is ridiculous.

If anyone gets Chrysler's corporate numbers, please publish them! I do know that Robert Nardelli is CEO and Chairman. The address is 1000 Chrysler Drive, Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2766, but I can't get an actual number for threm.

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