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Extremists suck, No?

Two minor gripes.

First - I have been noticing a lot of people writing comments or articles lately that end in the question "no?". It is as if we have had a sudden influx of people wanting to sound "international" or something, like they are ESL when most likely they are from Illinois. So many things are now written like this:

"It seems like a pretty good idea to get out of Iraq, no?"

No? Yes? Wait, I am confused. Is it a good idea or not? Are you answering your own question? What the hell are you trying to say?

And my second nit:

Don't people get the fact that the more extreme you are in your leanings - the more damage you usually do to your "cause"?

The world is not so simple folks. We can't just simply ban everything that you disagree with. Every time you make some absurd suggestion or comment - it just makes you look all the more stupid to the 90% of the rest of the population in the middle.

And this applies to ANY position or argument. I am not picking sides here - I just want to point out that for the most part most people want to do good things. They want to improve the way they live. They want to help people. They want to be cleaner and more considerate. Most people generally want things to improve - usually their only faults being they simply haven't thought about it all that much.

But any time extreme measure are advocated - it just pushes normal people away. No, we are not going to ban SUVs any time soon. No we should not make it illegal to be gay. No we are not going to abolish the government. Nope, we are not going to outlaw meat. It is simply not going to come about that porn is abolished. Yada Yada Yada - so on and so forth.

Normal people might recognize we need cleaner air or more efficient vehicles. Normal people may recognize that the government may mean well most of the time but can always be improved. Normal people may understand that even strange people have rights. Normal people may not actually care what you do behind your window blinds.

But you extreme freakos who want it all your way just make more enemies at the polls. Figure it out. To make change you need to make change in the MASSES - not just get three friends to go live in a hut, eat nothing but wild grass, and stop shaving. And you righties out there? I could care less what religion you are or how you worship - I am not going to teach my child creationism as science because it makes no sense.

But what would I know, I am just a normal person who makes up more of the middle of the spectrum than either fringe, no?


Kenny said…
I'm extremely the MAXXX!!
ValkRaider said…
You forgot the "No?"
Kenny said…
Hardcore middle, no?
H-Dawg said…
Everything in moderation... including moderation, yes? MAYBE!

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