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Some vegans make me mad.

I came across this post on Green Options blog: "10 Survival Tips & Tactics for Eating Veg in a Non-Veg World"

I take issue with a few of their "tips".

to sit in a restaurant watching everyone chewing on animals is an incredibly painful experience.

Then don't do it.

I'll tell you what, I like eating meat. I like eating dead animals.

You know that there are carnivorous animals in nature? There is nothing wrong with eating animals.

(I agree we could improve the process a bit - factory farms are heinous and unnatural.)

Because nothing annoys me more than a overtly political vegan. I just want to eat. So if you want to eat vegan more power to you, but don't try and act superior to me and tell me how much better your diet is or how cruel I am. Because all that does is make me dislike vegans. (And strangely, crave more meat.)

Understand that you are a minority and always be a minority and don't get pissed off if a restaurant or family reunion only has one or two vegan things. We try our best to accommodate everyone - but you know what? Thanksgiving dinner involves lots of dead animal and lots of things made from animals and animal products. Don't come to my Thanksgiving dinner all pissed off because there is butter in the mashed potatoes and a big dead turkey on the table.

There is room for both diets but vegans tend to be way over preachy and all that accomplishes is make people like myself want to cater to your diet even less.

If you had a food allergy, you would just explain to the server and move on. Your food preferences are just as valid when based on ethical reasons.


A person with a food allergy can DIE if they eat certain things. In fact, some allergies can be so strong that they can DIE within minutes. Your "ethical" reasons will not kill you if you get some chicken broth. You might feel ashamed or guilty, but you will be alive to eat again another day.

The fact is your vegansism is a CHOICE - and food allergies are not. Vegansism is a valid choice, and a choice with good reasoning behind it - but people who have food allergies I am sure would choose to not have them if they could.

At one time or another, most of us ate animals and their secretions and some of us relied on silly excuses to continue eating them.

I don't have any silly excuses. I like meat. Plain and simple. All kinds of meat. I have even raised and slaughtered my own meat. I am well aware of all of the ins and outs of meat. I like their "secretions" and things made from those "secretions". In my opinion nothing beats meat and cheese...

Saying that meat eaters have to come up with "silly excuses" just pisses people off so much more.

I was going to leave all this as a comment on the blog, but I am sure that it would not be "approved".

If you want to go vegan more power to you. And if you want to save animals lives - even better. Just think about whether you save more lives by alienating and pissing off meat eaters, or by perhaps taking the high road and working to slowly encourage reduction in meat based consumption. You will save far more animals by getting 1 million people to eat less quantity and more responsibly raised meat, than you will by getting 10 people to become vegan. And that is a statistical fact.

Now I have to go, I have to figure out whether I want steak or barbecue for dinner.


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