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Miscellany for the day

Apparently the absolute BEST time to OMSI or Benihana - is July 4. Both will be completely empty.

People who review movies should have to take into consideration the intent of the Movie. For example, Transformers is not *supposed* to have a strong plot. It is *supposed* to have robots transforming and kicking each-others asses. Sure, the plot should not SUCK. The plot should not BLOW. And the plot should not make you want to HURL. But in an ACTION movie the plot is not supposed to be amazing, groundbreaking, or awe inspiring. But the ACTION should be, and the plot is there to hold it all together. Oh, and not *everything* needs to be completely believably plausible in a SCIENCE FICTION movie.

Changing your career is scary.

What the hell is a "drive by appraisal"? Do they come by in a 1964 Impala and shower your house with machine gun fire, and if it is still standing your house is worth more? Hell, I can drive by a house and say "I'd buy that for a dollar" and it doesn't actually make it *worth* a dollar. But then again, I guess that is why I am not a mortgage underwriter.

Note to record labels: Nationwide suing of your customers will almost always lead to reduced sales. Just thought - since you obviously read this blog - that you might want in on that litle industry tidbit.

Cannondale takes forever to ship "special order" bikes. Oh, and while we are on that subject - it is goddamn near impossible anymore to 1. Buy American made products, and 2. Shop the local guy. And I try MFing hard too. Most people give up WAY WAY before I do. Note to businesses: Making it HARD to buy your products, buy from you, or work with you - does not help us choose you. If your products and prices are already higher because you have to pay your employees more than $1 a day and you can't dump your toxic waste in the front yard - then you better have the BEST DAMN CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE WORLD. I mean if I have to go out of my way to find you, and pay more to get you - then AT LEAST DON'T SUCK WHEN I HAVE TO WORK WITH YOU. Because trust me - most people are not as dedicated to saving the world as I am.

And speaking of "special order bikes" I would like to point out that there are literally hundreds of "commuter" style bikes available in Europe - but somewhere on the order of 7 in the USA. Just like smaller more efficient cars - we just don't get the options here in the states. Who knows how much they might sell if you JUST TRIED TO SELL THEM! The perpetual "there is no market" argument falls down because of course there is no market as people don't know they exist and if they did they couldn't get them anyway... (Quick, go find a *new* compact pickup truck for sale.)

Cake CAN be eaten for breakfast. Don't tell the kids.

It's not what you know, it's who you know. People do more time for Jay-Walking than Scooter Libby did for LYING under oath in court and covering up for an administration that commits TREASON. But hey, what do I know? Paris Hilton only had to do 23 days in jail - while people have done more time for carrying a single joint in their car get years. Who you know baby. Who you know.

Oh, and I think it would be extremely funny if the Portland TrailBlazers pick - Oden - like blows his knee or something while doing something mundane, like getting out of the shower. Not that I wish ill on anyone (outside of the Bush administration that is) - just that the TrailBlazers are putting SO much stock in this ONE guy. Like he is going to win the championship, cure cancer, stabilize the climate, and end world poverty - all this year.

Of course, I guess as a Raider fan I shouldn't throw stones...

Is it football season yet?


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Wolf River Greenway - my thoughts

Out in east Memphis and northwest Germantown they have some greenway bike+ped paths along the Wolf River, called the Wolf River Greenway.  It is pretty nice, and I have ridden my bicycle along it's entirety.  It is still somewhat in two main sections, the Memphis section in the west and the Germantown section in the east.   The ultimate plans are to have them all linked together and connected to some other areas as well, although those plans seem like they might be a while to completion (if ever).

My thoughts on the Wolf River Greenway are mixed.

iPhone iOS4 passcode lock workaround if you can't run iPhone config utility

In iOS 4 and 4.0.1, if you perform a "reset all settings" on your phone it can sometimes cause you to lose all your options in the "passcode lock" section of the phone settings, only leaving you with the "immediately" option.

This can be annoying as you will then have to enter your passcode immediately when your phone locks for any reason. I usually like mine set to a 15 minute delay so that I can use my phone frequently without typing in the passcode, but it still locks after a while.

This is a known bug, and should be fixed soon in an upcoming iOS version. Until then there are two workarounds.

Memphis corrugated recycling failure

All right, maybe not a "failure"  - more like a deficiency.  However sensationalist headlines draw in more readers, and since you may be my only one - I need all the help I can get.

Memphis seems to have OK recycling programs for a city in this region, although still not that great in general.  One thing that I found frustrating is the requirement to cut down corrugated.