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Minors don't like sports, apparantly

Today we went to watch a couple NFL games (that were not being broadcast on local TV channels) at a sports bar that we had been to many many times in the past couple years. On Deck (although their web page sucks, here is the CitySearch profile).

We would go with our family because it was a great location, central city Portland (Pearl District / Brewery Blocks)- they had pretty good food (nothing awesome or worth mention but solid sports bar fare) and the TVs and atmosphere were great.

However, as of just a few weeks ago they no longer allow minors. According to one waiter, the new management felt that minors would be exposed to too much swearing. (I am fully aware that it is a BS story but that is what they said). There was no management available on-site that I could speak with, but I was given contact information and I will be contacting them to find out what gives. I mean come-on. Kids who parents watch sports enough to go to a Sports Bar to catch the untellivised games - are probably very familiar with swearing.

Heck, I am an Oakland Raiders fan (as of today they are 1 and 5). You think my kid is used to a little swearing?

Anyway - now they only allow minors outside on the deck where there are no TVs. So apparantly people under 21 don't deserve to watch sports. The sports bars in the city that allow minors are few and far between, which was one of the things that had made On Deck worthwhile.

Oh well.

Alternatives in the central city?

SkyBox in Sellwood is great, although a bit small... They have great steak fingers by the way. They probably deserve our money much more anyway.

How about other options? Anyone? Bueller?


crazy seahawks fan said…
Ever since my sister and nephew moved to the city last month, I've been searching for places where you can actually SEE the TVs from the "minor-friendly" areas, as well. So far, Skybox is all I've come up with. Let's make sure they know we appreciate their tolerance for the underage crowd.

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